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Moves from a collection of little things

May 9th, 2011 · No Comments · 330 views

Online games “Loong Online” limited testing in a fiery, brave hunters have entered the ancient world, experience the thrills of hunting. Although hunters are the bull by the horns, but those nasty monsters in the game, does make a lot of hunters feel helpless, such as 25 in the eels lizard, is a relatively strong strange, for the period of the hunter just had particularly for novice so. Front of a computer and therefore you are standing still? Please come to see Loong Gold provided by a senior player eel lizard play it you will surely get a lot of inspiration, oh.

Will dump the body, will impact the bite, but also discharge, spit thunder ball (actually power, ball lightning) … … speaking eel lizard but it is still quite strong a strange, in order so that we can successfully hunt, I own experience give us sum up the play a little eel Lizard Raiders, want Loong Gold to give you some tips. How simple that it should play, may not be the image of, or under the eel lizard attacks and attacks to illustrate how a good deal.

Impact and bite: the impact of that is two steps forward and then suddenly some distance forward setting, it is easy to be this careless attack upside down; bite is two steps forward, the upper and lower bite. Started without apparent precursor, and saw it suddenly moved forward or back Loong Gold should be careful.

Jump pressure: that is strange from a distance, skip to step on the pressure. Eel lizard ran away from the distance of about three long knives, it will have a great chance to use this attack. Attack, it will first squat, and then skip to step on the pressure. Squat jump to see it roll, you can survive, but to master the roll moment, because they were hit, damage is significant.

Rejection of the body: usually appear in the press after the jump. Head and tail rotated 45 degrees to about swinging, Loong Online Gold attack to hit in addition to DOT will fly, so to see it skip, roll, ah to be continuous, but also to grasp the direction, or just escape the pressure will be jumping hit.

Discharge: to be a lot less power to not only the blood would be Tan Fei. This attack may be carried out at any time, in short, is that you in front of it, it will power you, in the back, will power you, the left, will power you to the right, or will power you, that will power you how to … … only according to action to guess, according to my observation, before Loong Online Gold discharge eel lizard, will first put the body under pressure. As for how to dodge this hard to say, go long, or look at the regional run.

Ray spit ball: the ball before an attack to be mine, eel lizard will normally be payable to the gas gathering, re-emitted. It looked to take advantage of product gas, it can speed flash to the side and attack.

Eel lizard is more than several basic attacks, and there is one caveat: eel lizard in the anger mode (about six per blood volume is also a time remaining, the neck will discharge), with a body attack and bite will Cheap Loong Gold be the effect of discharge , all kinds of attacks will also increase the damage. The other is: Do not do too knife! This is a lot of friends are powerless to change, sometimes fundamentally unconscious, an attack can not be received hand. In fact, I actually fall within this, unconsciously of greed knife.

These are the veteran players to give us the eel lizard Raiders play, and by the Raiders, you do get some tips? So what, up to the game to try it!

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The graphics Very understandable

May 5th, 2011 · No Comments · 229 views

Unlike WOW you actually have somthing to do apart from wondering around and killing stuff. The missions are actually quite hard and there not just go along and kill this dude and done you have to navigate quite a bit. Skills a whole lot better than WoW’s GW has over 350 and WOW has… just over 100?

The graphics are amazing!! Now on to the secandary classes a fantastic idea I thinki mean prophicies allows 30 dual classes wich in effect is more options for classes than WOW and most over cames i’ve played! Overall fantastic. Apart from one thing in order to do a mission you,ve either got to do it with henchman(computer guild wars gold controlled characters) or join a party with other players wich if your a low lvl you have no chance of getting.
My Dad”s friend found this  out, i used to play Runescape (yes, i know, shocking) but thats mainly cause i had nothing better to do. i”ve been playing GW 3 years now.

The lvl cap at 20 makes the guild wars gold game good because all the people who want to lvl to waaayy high levels faster than anyone else then just generally be a jerk about it (the pricks, in other words) quit, or just dont buy it.

The only con with the lvl cap is that once you”ve completed all the campaigns, got a bunch of money and bought 15k armor theres nothing to do. You just have to pvp for your guild, gets guild wars gold pretty boring after a while. But eh, when guild wars 2 comes out that will all be behind me.

Bad graphics? i think not. sure it dosent have as good graphics as some of the new games for the computer BUT this game is over 3 years old.

Gameplay: 10/10 Very understandable. guild wars ecto thanks to the tutorials and tip during Pre-Searing these controls are very clear.

Pre searing is full of geeky teenage boys with lots of acne being Female Elementalists dancing in their underwear. but when you get to the higher guild wars ecto level bits, the community is more mature.

Combat system: 9/10 “oh its just point and click” no its not. if you dont use your skills you”re dead. if you dont have a good build you”re dead. if you try and take on things way higher  levels than you with just any old team you”re dead. its not simple. an elite mission can take about an hour to get everyone prepared.

PVP: gw gold i dont like pvp generally. BUT the pvp system is good thanks to factions. Although in alliance battles you get the odd prick insulting you.. then he loses and ragequits, but a lot of the time pvp is honorable. Leavers and Ragequitters get the “Dishonorable” Hex which means they cant fight in an arena battle for 10 minutes. That eliminates the impatient people and people who are desperate to win.

PVE: gw ecto! Good story, different regions, races, and steps your character takes. important steps mostly include Ascension and getting your armor infused.

Overall: 10/10 as i have said before. THE BEST GAME EVER, let nobody tell you otherwise. Mops the floor with WoW

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Habbo Hotel: giveaways for Aussie kids

April 30th, 2011 · No Comments · 397 views

The global Habbo community currently consists of over 155 million registered avatars with the majority being under 19 years of age, says Finnish operator Sulake,adding that Habbo is “the world’s largest virtual world for teenagers.”

The analysis tool will enable marketers to track the level of conversations taking place online, offering a way to measure the effectiveness of marketing communications. The use of brand names, slogans and habbohotel coins key phrases can be measured over a defined period with data updated daily and analysed in chart form.

Habble was recently piloted for MTV International during a campaign promoting the MTV European Music Awards notes Sulake. After the campaign, which ran in September, Habble showed that conversations around the awards were up by 371 habbohotel coins per cent in the UK and 762 percent in the Netherlands.

Phil Guest, SVP of global ad sales at Sulake, said, “Habble helps brands understand if a message is getting through. To engage with young people brands first need to become part of the conversation and this new tool provides another level of insight to this hard to reach demographic. It is helping our advertisers understand the value of running advertising promotions in Habbo Hotel, not only showing the uplift from a promotion but more habbohotel coins interestingly, the continued discussion long after the brand promotion has finished. Knowing this, brand marketers can build on the conversation by engaging brand advocates to spread the word.”
The very kind folks at Habbo Hotel have sent me some pre-paid cards so that your kids, or kids you know, can purchase ‘furni’, VIP & Habbo Club membership, pets, stickers and backgrounds for Habbo homepages.

Unbeknownst to me, Habbo Hotel has 5 million  registered characters in Australia and more than 180 million worldwide.

No doubt your teenage kids who are already in Habbo will confirm that celebrities frequently visit Habbo, including The Veronicas, VanShe, Natasha Bedingfield and Hamish & Andy.

I’ve got two each of $10, $20 and $50 pre-paid cards (giving 50habbo credits, 100, and 250 game credits respectively) to give away to those who first answer the following question correctly.

The question: What is the name of Habbo’s parent company?

Leave me your answer, your name and a working contact email address in a comment below for your chance to win a card. I’ll start by giving away thehabbo credits two $50 cards, then the two $20, then the two $10.

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To get more attention

April 27th, 2011 · No Comments · 255 views

As long as players collect the treasure recorded in the Archive, they can store it in the Archive. The treasure will not occupy any backpack slot and can be taken out to use freely.

What is more, the Archive is account-specific, so three characters on the same account can share it. In other words, some bound special items can be used on other characters.
As the character progresses day by day in the course of your gaming journey, you have become an indispensable part of a guild. At that time are you eager to have a grand fantasia gold place where you can recall the process of challenging instances and defeating Bosses with teammates and also showcase your brilliant battle achievements? Your dream may come true! From now on, a new column called History will appear in the Quest Log. It will record all difficulties players overcome and other relevant information in the grand fantasia gold game, such as going through instance, participating in activities, Guild King, the King of World, various quests, quills, battlefield data and much more. All of them can help write down players own game experience in details.
To get more attention and care from their masters, sprites engage in duels with each other. In this way, they can train themselves as well as win glory for their masters. Consequently, Sprite Duels become the most popular activity among sprites.
Dude, if your weapon is good, it Daguai speed to invincible da. . Leveling: 66 out after repeated items did not last task, leveling a headache, I usually like to turn the fight of a few small points well, we can try it.

Knights Valley - have a good team together with the recommendations of the three repeated brushes (fowling fight wolves to fight bloody), to shoot birds in the two (not BOSS Well grand fantasia gold, good point we all know), fight wolves one (to Daguai fast, hanging inside the door of the bloody military tribes, where there is a stone door, hang a little bit after the stone side, playing less than a BOSS General to go there), playing a bloody one, hanging point is that many of the best tips on a map of the bloody tribal behind the words below. Single-hung hung bloody, element Daguai fast, too slow brush birds, bloody can.

Eternity Range buy grand fantasia gold- team ethereal brush brush brush apes insects can be a single brush apes good point, ethereal fog problems, bugs most people, few people can hang there, the wolf is also too little, enough for 2 personal brush crabs there, no one can also be linked there.

Elements fast enough, but not under the FB, no stable group of your team FB, do not waste time, class is the truth, first rushed to 70, slowly mining materials and equipment to do it. More suitable and non-RMB RMB players, poor equipment, bad for the non-RP also RMB players, what you said, the manual Caesar! I am Rainbow Light - Yan Chi dance, experience sharing Well, some elements of buy grand fantasia gold expert opinion can have a better response, common progress, harmony and harmony. . . .

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Five Ten refining equipment to strengthen too easy

April 23rd, 2011 · No Comments · 299 views

First of all like to tell you, all online games revealed, including of course, including a perfect Dragon Sword!

As long as there is a problem on the chance, hope that all players have the heart preparation, 99% chance of success you are likely to fail a row several times, a success rate of 99% of equipment on behalf of the what? On behalf of this piece of equipment that you have two kinds of The results, to succeed, or fail! Do not think that 99% and 1% difference to so much! If really so great, why is every day someone in the color ball? is the data problem! of our players, in fact, not to 1% and 99% see that the success rate, there are likely problems, you have 50% of the face of failure! a success rate of 99% of equipment used after the failure, the second with a success rate of 99%, ffxiv gil and still have 50% fail!

Do not be silly! To understand this point! No one to play you, your voluntary, it plainly, is called gambling, have lost there to win, does not mean that the success rate of 99% of you means that you get 100 pieces of equipment out to do , success is 99, failed only one! want to clear this problem, you will not always scolding father BS-ing it!

Get back to!

The question is, somehow to face, ffxiv gil then we must learn to do their ability to avoid failure to success!

Refining equipment, remember not to go directly to the rise with a well-equipped to rise to that position they want, because you can not even bet to win so many times, so you need a lot of equipment, together with the rise!

110 to talk about my five-ten how easy mixing up (the cost of more than 3000 million to get, many people said I was lucky good, I do not deny, after all, this is gambling)

Preparation: I wear the 110 equipped with ten, but also other spare equipment for thirty-five (gold installed, fix backup is going up, ffxiv gil and also serves decent price!) Equipped with a combined five-thirteen pieces, the other must find a good supplier of sand to help you in your process of refining readily available to you more than enough sand, and enough high-quality sand, I can only do 112 suppliers of quality, enough for my five-refining a! ready to start refining it!

A refining, refining two to use it easily as long as the sand, dozens of waste sand, easily washed six or seven refining II! This is the basis, later to be washed according to the law on the line!

Zero by refining and smelting equipment,final fantasy xiv gil one sand to the point with the garbage, there two kinds of situations, or two consecutive times to the refining three consecutive successful point, keep up! Another situation is that you fail once, then you use the 70-90 sand to two of those rushed refining refining three, if successful, to keep up, go back to point zero and refining refining a loop back so! If mixing two points behind the failure to continue refining those two, certainly not six or seven consecutive seven or eight times you failed the bar! 70-90 sand if you Lian Lian three consecutive two punch to fail seven or eight, you do not go mixing it! after all other refining, not luck problem is you appearance problem!

Success that you went back to point zero and refining refining equipment point to a failure to went to the sand with 70-90 points final fantasy xiv gil on the refining refining two three! Has been to retain the five or six three-refining equipment!

Lian Lian three four I use 90-100 red sand! Or old methods, and use those failed products: Lian zero, refining one, this time can have to try mixing two, three for the retention of the success to the refining, failed, then it sand with 90-100 rushed to the refining refining three four! the same way as with the above!

Finally, there are three red four — five refining, smelting washed five to ready it! Refining five I sand with 100 or more, in fact I have used 110-112 sand! Or use the above method! One of a Five pieces of refining to success!

Finally, not only mixing two three five, ff14 gil this time you would turn out to do back-bottom of the Gold!

There is a case to add, is also regarded as the experience it! Not you a condensed four-punch after refining can not continue with five successful Lian Lian four to five red, because I sand enough, so I have tried to continue after a successful five-washed by mixing more than 110 sand mixing equipment, and continue the fight another five, the result is a continuous mixing two times five are successful, this is luck! is not big enough to see you brave enough!

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Need equipment to teach you to build

April 20th, 2011 · No Comments · 402 views

Has been made in the ongoing re-equipment optimization and updates, which have increased the decomposition of players active equipment. Either from the new reward task or re-create the essence of soul, put the amount of heavy equipment made by chance and difficulty has been significantly improved, making the players the chance to get re-made equipment, universal. Now the dream of the best players to obtain equipment is no longer a dream.
This I will share with you made all kinds of heavy equipment, processes and create the props are used. Want to re-build equipment, first you make heavy equipment to get the opportunity to get in the game way to re-create equipment opportunities are only two: the first is to find the moon to complete the town’s golden great reward task; second is from various activities to get re-create the essence of the soul, ffxiv gil or directly from heaven to buy currency exchange at the use of already been taken to recreate the essence of the soul. Both of which made equipment on the premise that heavy equipment must have a soul bound to recreate the state before proceeding. Players from the night the town’s “A Zulai? Xingyue” at the equipment to bind the soul, the soul binding properties of all the equipment after an increase of 5%. With the state of the soul bound to be equipped with heavy equipment manufacturing, first of all I give you on what reward task.
Reward task composed by a number of small tasks, ≥ 50-level players can go a long way from the moon at receiving the gold town of the task, a reward for each completed task will have a chance to be hidden tasks, completed tasks will have a chance to hide access to equipment re-created opportunities. The author believes that the task chain with a similar reward task, but ultimately the rewards are different. Reward task, ffxiv gil including finding people to find things, catching pet, combat and investigation.
Looking for someone: the task to reach the designated location only to find the corresponding NPC to complete the task. Search object: to find the task specified items, and NPC can be shown to the task. Catch pet: Capture the appropriate pet, NPC can be shown to the task. Combat: Task below to find NPC, ffxiv gil the fight is won, the task can continue to the next ring. Survey: After arrival in the mission specified coordinates, mouse over the role of the body, one click access to survey results, you will be issued after completion of the investigation task of the next ring. Only a day after receiving the reward task within 60 minutes, more than 60 minutes to complete the task will not continue. The task can also get additional packages flight chess, the Five Elements and wishful gem gem as a reward.
To complete the task reward re-create the opportunity to obtain the equipment will disappear off the assembly line after, so players must go a long way in off the assembly line before the completion of the equipment for gold re-create the opportunities. Looking for a great remake of gold, in addition to creating the necessary final fantasy xiv gil character / enhancement to create characters (or Alchemy tailoring characters), strength crystallization days spar / astrotech stone, the relative level of equipment, the essence of the five virtues, but also you will need to re- made equipment. Note that the reward task can be re-made equipment level is limited, and people linked to grades. For example, your 95, can only re-create 90 of the task the following equipment, and heavy equipment made after the five elements randomly. The writer’s task by offering a reward of 100 638 to create a knife attack, relatively speaking, this task is quite simple, as long as we take the time to do it, we will certainly get the equipment you want! I further introduce the following re-create the essence of the soul and the role of access methods.
Role in the 40-100 class, respectively, binding equipment, final fantasy xiv gilre-create the soul, the soul of the higher level re-create the essence of the purchase price will be higher, with the re-created the essence of the soul, you can re-create not satisfied with the equipped. Use the essence of the soul of the process of re-creating the building process and reward task, as presented here do not.
Props added a few months ago, “strength crystal”, the props can be made of heavy equipment access to the specified property, the same officer in the day-border transactions, purchase, according to the level of equipment needed to determine the number of crystal strength. You can also re-create the essence ff14 gil of the soul through the melting points, copy points, maze prestige contest to get points and a variety of activities, running the amount is relatively more to meet the players made heavy equipment needs.

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10-25 level task Daquan(2)

April 18th, 2011 · No Comments · 340 views

First of all, money, gold short J, Silver referred to as Y. Mission introduces the access order.

Second, the fact there are many tasks automatically find its way, and do not need coordinates. Access and respond to the task, open the map of the region are marked (shortcut key map of the region N). Mission introduces the access order.

Main task

10 tasks, the guardian of the earth: Magic God Yi Lina (seven flowers of the sea 778,1292) the next task - to find the root of flowers (flowers of the sea seven 926,1234), collected 10 buds after purification (in fact, collection of flowers or root) - Reply Magic God Yi Lina - get 350 experience, 600YIris Online Gold, upper body equipment.

12 tasks, rescue: Carlo children (seven flowers of the sea 1085,758) the next task - to kill 20 people eating Magic Dragon - replies Carlo children - get 440 experience, 700Y, shoes.

12 tasks, faint Lake: Carlo children (seven flowers of the sea 1085,758) the next task - to kill 20 odd Lian flowers (seven flower sea 1000,680) - Reply Carlo children - get 470 experience 800Y.

13 mission, first met Savage: Carlo children (seven flowers of the sea 1085,758) the next task - to kill variability Savage (Seven Flowers of the sea 1184,748), to obtain samples of 15 Savage - replies Magic God Yi Lina ( Seven Sea 778,1292 Flowers) - get 470 experience, 800Y, cloak.

14 tasks, scaled new heights: Magic God Yi Lina (seven flowers of the sea 778,1292) the next task - level rose to 14 - back Falan Si (g Flower Sea 488,844) - get 500 experience, 1400Y , waist.

14 tasks, quite the Woods: Falan Si (Seven Flowers of the sea 488,844) the next task - to kill 20 people eating dragon (g Flower Sea 305,977) - Reply Falan Si - get 510 experience,Iris Online Gold  900Y, 10 small red medicine, 10 small blue medicine.

15 tasks, Savage of the disaster: Fa Lansi (Seven Flowers of the sea 488,844) the next task - to kill the red savages, received 5 samples of the red savages - replies Magic God Yi Lina (Seven Flowers of the sea 778,1292) - get 550 experience, 1000Y, necklace.

Task guidelines

15 tasks, Elf: Magic God Yi Lina (Seven Flowers of the sea 778,1292) the next task - to kill fans Butterfly (Seven Flowers of the sea 292,742), get 20 Magic fans of the powder; collected blood enchanting 3Iris Online Gold - replies Magic God Yi Lina - get 300 experience, 1200Y, choose a fairy (physical, magic the two.)

15 tasks, explaining the basis of fairy: fairy Jia Dila (seven flowers of the sea 797,1233) the next task - and the peri Jiadi La Dialogue - get 300 experience, 1200Y, Fairy of the powder.

15 tasks, fairy Qualifications: fairy Jia Dila (seven flowers of the sea 797,1233) the next task - Elf rating rose to 10 and so on - back the soul of messenger Law Na - get 800 experience, 1200Y.

Main task

22 tasks, strengthening the Guardian: Wings of God Qiongna Si (ponley rift 769,970) the next task - to kill 15 Iris Gold stone strange - reply to Leonard - received 1660 experience, 5000Y.

22 tasks, the elements of change: Wings of God Qiongna Si (ponley rift 769,970) the next task - to kill the strange stone, obtained samples of 10 elements - back Nader (ponley rift 702,1310) - obtained 2200 experience, 5500Y, 10 red medicine.

22 tasks, it is important sample: Nader (ponley rift 702,1310) the next task - to kill cloth and more rock, get more than 3 stone fabric - back wing of God Qiongna Si (ponley rift 769,970) - - Get 2300 experience, 6100Y, shoes.


When the first test because Xiaobian only to 28, so the Iris Gold current level task Daquan updated to 10-25. 1-10 level tasks to do along the Xinshoucun guidance, and soon, not here presented, no significance.

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Getting Started Guide

April 14th, 2011 · No Comments · 448 views

First, the recharge problem.

Many players will encounter many problems when recharge, where I summarized the following points:

1, if you pass in the air mesh One member of the top-center, you need to visit One Pass Member KongZhong select the game and select the appropriate number of points the server to allocate a large area, the allocation can be converted into the game after the holy currency the proportion is: 1RMB = 20 points = 10 St. currency.

2, if you are straight in the game or have points allocated to finished, you need to enter the game, opening the bag (B key),  which will have a “treasure bag”, opening the “treasure bag” the withdrawal on it!

3, sometimes there will be delays to recharge, this situation very little (if one appears, congratulations, you can buy a lottery), as long as you recharge in accordance with normal operating procedures should be no problem, so a will see, if not a long time, then you need to contact the MM with customer service!

(Note: One-pass air network in the Member Center and Iris Online Gold the game account is the general oh!)

Second, occupational problems.

The four games Occupation:

Magic (Warrior), Yuen Ling (archers), heaven and earth (Master), Sin tone (nanny).

Everyone in the rise to 20, you can go to  the main city “fight war days, the city” to change jobs, we note that when they change jobs will give you a transfer order like the stuff, we have to keep Ay, do not be Oh, throw.

And other rose 40, can be 2 to (need to complete two transfer tasks), each professional will separate the two professional branches:

Magic can be converted to: “King” or “A God”

Yuen Ling may be turned into: “Magic lost” or “horoscope”

Heaven and earth may be turned into: “Hama” or “Thor”

Sound can be converted into Sin: “God paternity” or “days of Miriam”

It should be noted that the task is Iris Online Gold completed after 2 after transfer switch, basically there would be no change, the only change is the skill of the branch, to Yuen Ling example (I play is the Yuen Ling): If you convert “Magic lost,” then wait until the 62 lost to only learn the skills of magic, turn into a “horoscope” can only learn skills in astrology, so we can according to their needs and helping the team to select the transfer.

Also: this game will have 5 points per level distribution of attribute points, this is quite interesting, so we can follow their own way to add some Oh!

Third, the production skills.

Many beginners do not know how to dismantle equipment, hey, holy magic that can be removed without the need to NPC, you can point to open skills (K key) to select the “Attunement”, will be equipped with Iris Gold enchant dropped on it, enchant equipment must be equipped to more than 20, and the enchant will consume energy, and vitality is the auto-reply (or the energy to eat the appropriate medicine can be restored), enchant equipment has a chance to get “crystal”, “Fairy of the powder” or “strengthen the stone.”

In addition, through his production skills can also be made of iron, then iron corresponding to different stages of building his own equipment, production skills in addition to “enchant” the other three are all outside the class, each will make something proficiency increase in production skills to a certain number of points will be upgraded, the upgrade of the production skills Iris Gold of “processing”, “casting” and “tailor.”

“Processing”: create their own railways, with the level of iron increases the level produced will increase.

“Casting”: building his own weapons, jewelry and tools, along with elevated levels produced by the level of equipment and tools will also increase.

“Tailor”: building his own cloth (law), armor (combat system), cloak and sandpaper, but also with the level produced by increasing the level of equipment and tools will also increase.

IV equipment.

We can go to strengthen the equipment, when your weapons to strengthen to 5 or more, your weapons will have Halo, oh! ! Oh, yes, Iris Online Gold forgot to tell you is that, wearing light equipment is not to strengthen the.

If you can put together packages, there will be results sets Oh, suit effect is bright, oh! Very beautiful and it is pulling the wind! Work!

Equipment can be graded by color, high to low is: purple> orange> blue> green> yellow> white

Note: equipment, but very rare purple Oh, this is not made, but out of their own.

V. monster.

But this monster is a major feature in the game (official website said so)

Fairy upgrade, there are two: First, take it Daguai, the second is the pink fairy eat it.

Fairy has just started as a red dot, Iris Online Gold wait for it to reach level 20 will be bigger, to 60 will become greater, and we take it and nurturing it, it will give you tremendous power! Hey!

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Grand Fantasia Tips for Class Branches

April 11th, 2011 · No Comments · 1,693 views

Assassin: in Grand Fantasia Assassin depends on the awareness , and retired assassin to fight at the moment you can stealth group out of him, then is your time to play, Assassin’s defense can be ignored, as long as the battle to seize the wild is the day of his death. Mad war this not well said. See who is start with faster equipment better. Sheng Qi: playing with the same equipment(Grand Fantasia Gold), Sheng Qi winning percentage is still relatively large, Sheng Qi will increase the blood, but blue is limited, the speed with skills so that he does not absorb blue and blue is available, the ultimate winner is you.Elements: the control of the professional skills too much. Basically said that losing, good luck there in addition to MISS. Hell: hell more powerful BB calls. Man on the more vulnerable people, and can only say that the BB to kill you before he kills the hell, you can win. But hell, evaded state will let you mess up, the last of winning or losing will depend on the state of the blood after the end of hell grand fantasia gold.
Shenguan: Do not underestimate the Shen Guan, or you will face a significant loss. Shen Guan strong BUFF and forbidden magic . Only with normal attack, and by their abuse of. Worship: worship under the wolf form can stealth, but its not as good as Assassin crit, it is noteworthy that can increase the blood sacrifice, personal feeling low winning percentage.Levels 1-10:in Grand Fantasia these levels are pretty easy and fast. On Siwa Island just do all the quests they give you. This will get you to about 6 or 8, don’t recall exactly but that’s the range. You can stay on Siwa Island till 10 grinding out the levels or you can leave and go do the quests at the location you choose to start in. at this point it’s better to just get quests and do them, decent EXP, money and even items for some. Personal recommend doing the party quest on Siwa item, get a decent item for your class and your first of many titles.You can grand fantasia gold.

Level 55 2% evade each piece .
Str + 15 agi +7 chance crit – 30% .
Light +50% coup de grace +30% .
Phys crit damage+75% when attacked 30% evasion + 25% .Level 65 4% evade .
Chance crit rate - 25% .
Str + 20 agi+8 .
Light resis +60 damage twin blades +20% .
Phys crit damage+40% hp+10% 35% evasion +30% when hit .
Levels 10-16: These levels are fairly basic and easy. Really to level you just quest or grind on monsters. There are many REP quests you can do and several other quests for some decent equip for you. Just kill things around your level, maybe one or two levels above but don’t be killing super hard things. EXP at this point is easy to get and the quicker you can kill the better. At level(grand fantasia gold) 14 you can go get a quest to get your job change and then get to level 15 and completing the quest gets you to level 16.
Levels 17-30: Well it’s under construction that was a big mistake XD But really the only big difference between Pally and Zerker is the shield but you are more then capable of creating an Evade based tank and the times you do get hit it your high Defense, but not as high as a Pally will help. You just need to know what your doing. also, Zerkers are built to gain aggro, heck accidentally stolen aggro from a Pally and is used no skill that generated aggro and was mostly using basic attacks, but did keep weakening strike going . But quite frankly we are built to generate a lot of damage and a lot of aggro fast. Are skills tell you flat out you gain malice by using them whether it be +1200 or a percentage increase per hit.In Grand Fantasia , Armor from levels 45 to 55 are regular pvp armor, and armor from 65 to 75 are the advanced pvp armors. If you didn’t notice, the level(buy grand fantasia gold) 55 armor is just an upgrade from the level 45 one; same bonuses but slightly higher. The level 65 armor actually has the higher damage output because it increases your overall dps, not just coup de grace. though, yes your crit damage will slightly suffer, but it is clearly made up for by the 20% sword damage increase and 10% hp.
Level 44 2% evade each piece .
Str + 10 agi + 5 taking critical hit -20% .
Light +30% coupe degrace +20% .
Physical crit hitdamage +50% 30% evasion +15% when attacked.You can buy grand fantasia gold.

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Last Chaos Conquers Europe

April 8th, 2011 · No Comments · 429 views

Hamburg leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG announces the upcoming release of the successful action role playing game ?°Last Chaos?± for additional
European countries. In addition to Germany, players from France and Spain can look forward
to the game, which will enter closed beta test around christmas. Players can go to  and already pre-register to secure one of 5000 beta accounts for early access to the game.

An Epic Adventure Awaits New Heroes

Not even a year after it”s launch,  is a suprise hit in Germany. With over 350,000 registered users, the game is one of the top titles in gamigo”s diversified portfolio and one of the most successful MMORPGs in Europe. last chaos gold offers exciting quests for PvE players, as well as thrilling battles and guild wars for PvP fans.

Soon, this exciting game will be available to even more European players in their native language, with french and spanish being the first languages the game is going to be launched for. The two versions are already in an advanced state and will be released this year. The Polish version is going to take a little last chaos gold, and will presumably be released in the first quarter of 2009.

Of course, players from these countries can look forward to a constantly changing and evolving experience. Just as in the German version of the game, there will be special events on a regular basis and future updates will keep improving many  of the game.Registration Is Now Open!

The French and Spanish websites are already up and running, so players can get more
information about the game and
last chaos gold. It is also possible to register for an account and have the opportunity to be the first to experience the adventures of Last Chaos gold as soon as the closed beta period commences.

Last chaos is a free registered MMO game, which is released by the Aeria Games. Players in Last Chaos world can simultaneously connected with other fighters or defenders and share the high exciting experience. They can upgrade their courage and battle fighting techniques through quest and crafting skills with the fellow adventures. The story set at the land named Iris, where anarchy, terror and ambition stretch over any corner of this world. The holy war and the struggle happened between the Gods. Here, players have full control of their destiny, every action and decision made by the players is important. All of them may make a difference at the occasional glimpse. Fate is held by themselves and they determine the evolution of  lastchaos gold the story through the brutal warfare, brilliant strategy and building trusted alliances.
If you want to accomplish the missions with your clans, the crafting skill learning and pets rearing technique is necessary. Now, begin your adventures to explore the unknown Last Chaos world, finally, you will get the bravery and intelligence.

In order to thank enthusiasm of players, MMOsite and  Aeria Games & Entertainment decided to expand  lucky player Event. We will increase 10 Lucky Gift Packsas rewards. And everyone has chance to win the Sony PlayStation 3 (Japanese Version) with 20GB internal storage!!
In order to thank all the
lastchaos gold players on MMOsite, we have joined hands with Aeria Games & Entertainment to hold this gold lucky player Event. If you have a level 15  accountand MMOsite account. You have opportunities to win the Sony PlayStation 3 with 20GB internal storage!

In the most recent update for , a new state of the art zone has been introduced called “Strayana,” for players above level 80. Players who have achieved the milestone level can see a slew of new monsters, new items and will eventually come complete with a high level dungeon.
Clouds scatter the skies of the dark swamp filled with poisonous acid rain. Players’ attributes will be affected by the acid rain and he only way for players to avoid being affected is an
buy last chaos gold antidote.

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